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If you are looking for fuzzy house women's sheepskin slippers, slippers for women, warm slippers socks, lightweight house slippers, fluffy house boots, cozy indoor slippers, ladies slippers indoor boots, warm women's sheepskin soft slippers for adults, warm and cozy cute slippers for her, gift for grandma, best friends gifts - you found the right place!

All slippers made from 100% high quality merino wool.

Wool slippers will be unique and absolutely gorgeous gift for any occasion! Perfect Christmas Gift, Birthday Gift, Housewarming Gift, Gift for Her, Gift for Wife or Gift for Mom!

Investing in slippers means investing in a pair of house shoes that you can wear year-round. You want something that looks, feels, and smells great. Here’s why wool slippers are great for the summer.

Product Details
• 100% natural wool
• The soles of sheepskin slippers are made of felted wool covered by silicone dots ( anti-skidding protection ) - and because of this slippers do not slip even on smooth surfaces.
• Regulates your body temperature and humidity. The wool felt soles breathe and absorb moisture, making your feet sweat a lot less, even when worn on bare feet.
• Wool slippers or are resistant to body odor
• Wool slippers are breathable
• Wool slippers are lightweight
• Wool slippers (sheepskin slippers) support foot health
Wool high top slippers made of two layers of fleeces. Wear them high or roll them down.

Sizing Advice
EU Size 37-38 / UK Size 4-5 / US Size 6-7
EU Size 39-40 / UK Size 5,5-6,5 / US Size 7,5-8,5
EU Size 41-42 / UK Size 7-8 / US Size 9-10

Care Instructions
Hand wash or machine wash on "wool" mode with the water temperature a maximum of 30°C. Roll slippers inside an absorbent bath towel and then air dry.

Made with love!


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