My name is Kristina. I live in Lithuania. It is a small country in Northern Europe. In my shop you can find 100 % mulberry silk scarves, super chunky knit blankets from 100% high quality chunky merino wool, chunky wool yarn and wool slippers.

I am so happy to offer the products made of 100% pure silk. I am collaborating with an overseas manufacturer, I can guarantee all items are very high quality. All items are hand packed with love in Lithuania.
I love the softness, elegance, versatility of silk scarves and I want to share these feelings with you 💔
Treat yourself or a friend to a wonderful gift of fashion with a 100% mulberry silk scarf!

Our chunky blankets are unique, hand knitted, made to order and to the highest standard. Every stitch is made with love. It is extremely cosy, soft and warm. This is truly exceptional products which will bring more style and comfort to your home! 

You can find 100 % chunky wool yarn in our shop and try to do it by yourself.

How to knit chunky wool blanket?



Also you can find cozy wool slippers at my shop. Investing in slippers means investing in a pair of house shoes that you can wear year-round. You want something that looks, feels, and smells great. Here’s why wool slippers are great for the summer.