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Chunky Wool Studio



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Chunky merino wool yarn is great for arm knitting in large technique: chunky blankets, scarfs, cardigans, pillows, pet beds. Also you can use it for felting.

* 100% Merino Wool 26 microns is very soft, does not prick
* 2 lbs (1 kg) = 44 yards (40 m)
* 3 inches one stitch
* Merino Wool is ideal for allergic persons, as it is a hypoallergenic
* Odor, static resistant
* Dry clean only

Make a scarf, a pet bed or a beautiful chunky knit blanket. Merino wool blanket will be unique and absolutely gorgeous gift for any occasion!

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How much you will need for a blanket?
4.5 lbs (2 kg) blanket 30 x 50 inches (about 80x130 cm)
5 lbs (2,2 kg) blanket 35 x 50 inches (about 90x127 cm)
6 lbs (2,7 kg) blanket 40 x 53 inches (about 100x135 cm)
7 lbs (3,17 kg) blanket 40 x 60 inches (about 100x150 cm)
8 lbs (3,6 kg) blanket 40 x 70 inches (about 100x180 cm)
9 lbs (4,1 kg) blanket 45 x 70 inches (about 115x180 cm)
10 lbs (4,5 kg) blanket 50 x 70 inches (about 130x180 cm)
11 lbs (5 kg) blanket 54x75 inches (about 137x190 cm)
12 lbs (5,44 kg) blanket 60x75 inches (about 150x190 cm)
13 lbs (5,9 kg) blanket 60x80 inches (about 150x200 cm)
14 lbs (6,35 kg) blanket 65x80 inches (165x200 cm)

Please remember that the size of the blanket will also depend on a chosen pattern and knitting style. Don't tighten the yarn too much while knitting it will only harden the blanket and make it much smaller. Your blanket will be nice and soft in touch if you knit your stitches loosely.
Please check the gallery for all available colours.
If you cannot find your favourite colour or have any other special requests, please contact us.

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